It doesn't matter how much you want to continue riding beating a dead horse is not going to get you anywhere.

If something is already done and over with there is no point in still talking about it.

If something is already broken there is no point in trying to use it.
Someone breaks up with there girl/boyfriend and continues to bitch about them to there friends weeks later. That person is beating a dead horse, the relationship is over there is no point in thinking about it since the matter is already resolved with you having broken up.

Relationship = dead horse
Bitching about it = beating it

Trying over and over to start your car after you've been in an accident where it is clear that the car is not going to work.

Broken Car = dead horse
Trying to start it = beating it
by Bradley Groot February 19, 2008
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When something is already dead, and you keep bring it up over and over again
counter strike is a dead horse that everybody should stop beating
by Kyle Biddle August 3, 2004
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to continue to persue a situation that nothing is happening in.

taken from the act of whipping a horse to get it to move, even though it is dead, and aint going anywhere.
"sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse"
"It's going nowhere, stop beating the dead horse"
by ChipmunkOnKetamine November 8, 2009
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an act of sexual perversion combining bestiality, necrophilia and sado-mashocism.
A government study was funded to study various sexual perversions: sado-masochism, necrophilia and bestiality. The study was soon halted however ... the researchers decided they were just beating a dead horse.
by Figleaf23 October 8, 2007
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Coming from many game forum boards, beating the Dead horse is a term used to describe a topic that has been debated/discussed to death.
FFXIGamer1: WHICH JOB IS BEtTER, pld or nINja??!?

FFXIGamer2: Stop beating the f*cking dead horse....
by Rellinger April 7, 2005
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An instance in which the "beater" of the horse will continue to try and make amusing comments until either
A.) Somebody makes a "pity laugh" (this is usually the person who originally told the joke) or:
B.) Everyone leaves.

This is a common occurrence when a moderately funny person loses their game, and is convinced that they are not off of their game.
The perfect example of beat the dead horse.

MD: "Yo wassup homeslice! I was just chillin like a felon up in hurr."
OM: "Oh, awesome."
MD: "Word it was so tite and of the hizzle son! Shit!"
AS: "umm cool"
MD: "Damn staraight Gangsta. I'z with all ma peeps."
JK: "thats great..."
MD: "You know what else is great? My dick!" (MD laughs at his own joke, hoping others will too.)
WH: "shut the hell up mark youre not funny"
JB: "Whack! Whack! Whack! Neeeiiigh!!"
MD: "Peace out haters"
by Will Hinshaw, Joe Kovach March 22, 2008
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The act of pushing onward when a decision has already been made and will not change.
Tod: I think we should eat tacos every night.
Tim: I think you should shut up because tacos every night is the worst idea ever.
Tod: Tacos. Every. Night.
Sam: Dude, no.

Tim: *sigh*
Sam: Way to beat a dead horse...
by Noodle8 October 29, 2011
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