A term used after you fart to keep from getting punched. If fail to say before someone says "doornob" you get punched until you touch a doornob. Doornob can be called if a fart is heard or smelled.
Gator: (poot)
Scrawn: dang dude....doornob
Gator: Ah F bomb
Scrawn: (punched)
by Kswaub April 29, 2005
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The act of being a dumbass and typing the wrong word.
Saftey is worth it
by Birdyツ October 6, 2020
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Man that is a pretty saftey motorcycle you have there!
by JPDAWG September 18, 2003
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This is what you say when fart and you don't want to get socked in the arm.
Saftey! HAA man that stinks.
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
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Something that is not guaranteed.
Mullet Dude- I need someone to go back in time with me.
Some Guy- Will I need to bring my own weapons?
Mullet Dude- Yeah, I've only done this once before.
Some Guy- Oh.
Mullet Guy- Saftey is not guaranteed.
by Grand Man Zak Attack March 5, 2006
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a covert, clandistine refrence to the act of smoking marijuana. Frequently used in food service employment to subvert detection by managment.
Joey, help me take out the trash and well have a saftey meeting.
by uc3matt October 2, 2007
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Having a Wank before having sex with an individual in order to prevent premature ejaculation.
Josh: Hey man I just had sex with Ashley!
Brad: Yea, but don't you have a severe case of premature ejaculation?
Josh: Yea, but I had a saftey wank just minutes before!
by Robustwater June 21, 2015
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