a name to call someone when they are being really dum
guy:does 2+2+22?
girl:ur such a doornob
by macketteem,erly November 30, 2007
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A bustdown to the 3rd degree. (Cuz bustdowns have limits, but with doornobs, everybody gets a turn)
by Giddy November 30, 2003
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a brutal act of urban violence in which the attacker (usually assisted) pins the victom to the ground and proceeds to cut around the victoms outstreached knee cap with a boxcutter leaving some muscle and bone in the middle, then the attacker twists the cut knee in a 180 degree motion like a doornob locking the victoms leg in place.
...and i'll tell you how i got this wheelchair, when i was young some boys gave me that dreaded compton doornob
by VictorZarnowitz2 March 16, 2009
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A girl who gets a guy just because they know she will suck them and fuck them and then when she's done she cuts off there dicks and put them on her night stand (dickstand) and then when she runs out of guys she just plays with the dicks that she cut off and waits for her next victim
by DIXIEGIRL16 April 15, 2017
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A sexual term for when a cream filled donut is inserted over a penis, and is eaten off creating a crumb cream type jizz.
Donut on the doornob me, Place that donut over my penis and it eat that baby.
by Pheonix phlyer March 01, 2016
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The act of one homosexual grabbing another homosexual's penis and twisting it like a doornob
Fred: Gimme your penis Alfanso because we can do doornobbing
Alfanso: No, it hurts too much
Fred: I'll twist it delicately this time
Alfanso: Ok fine baby
by BobtheGay October 14, 2012
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