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A Safa girl who is intelligent}, gental, mysterious and Kind in her own way. A Safa is usually very stunningly and can be spotted in a crowd for her beautiful and Unique looks. When you first meet a Safa you might be afraid to talk to them, However a Safa is outspoken and trustworthy and will certainly be able to gain your favour quickly. Safa(s) are forgetful and clumsy, but still manage to be as cunning as a fox. A Safa is very talented and can do anything she puts her mind to. They seem to be lazy but always put 150% into everything they do..Safa(s) are perfectionists and can be competitive even if they want the best for others. Safa(s) are generious and think outside the box they have a great understanding of themselves about the world and people as they are quite shy and tend to observe move anyone with the intelligence of their caliber would. Safa(s)have angelic voices and love to sing.
Woow she’s so amazing. So intelligent and so generous!
Well that’s Safa for you.
by Xoxo_superstarrrr February 10, 2019
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She is mysterious, but loves everyone. Very affectionate with the ones she loves. She knows whats good. If you ever meet a safa, keep her.
Genie-make a wish
Person-that Safa falls in love with me
Genie-oh damn me too bro
Person-i know right
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by appleheadssoldier February 03, 2019
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The baddest chick out there. Usually dark skinned and she's very beautiful. Don't mess with her though because she will beat your ass. Pretty smile and everyone falls in love with her.
P1: I LOVE Safa
P2: Who doesn't
P1: Ikr
by Sara.200 January 24, 2017
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the baddest chick out there a freak in the sheets she's stunning and cam be cold as ice but she's a sweetheart only for the people she likes however dont mess with her because she has a very bad side she hides she dosent believe in love at a young age but she open to knowing new peaple who look gentle ..overall she's an independent sweet..cold..crazy woman who will love you anddd put you in your place and if u want her to like you just know your place and dont cross a line
isn't that the hottie safa
by Ryder james January 02, 2018
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the baddest chick in beaner town. Originally from Afghanistan, she now runs beaner town to the fullest. Pretty much everybody loves and adores her. She's also the inventor of the word "adorktable".
P1- Dude, I love Safa.

P2- Me too. Who doesn't?

P1 - Stupid fuckers that's who.
by mustafavt07 December 08, 2010
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literally the sexiest girl i know, she's really modest and denies compliments, but everyone know she is the most gorgeous girl and abdullah loves her more
I was with Safa, and my heart sang.
by ilykoreatester February 10, 2018
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