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The opposite of a happy ending. One pays to perform a sexual act on another.
Lorenzo went to the massage parlor to get a happy ending, but instead ended up getting a sad ending.
by AHW April 26, 2012
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When you get a massage and have them euthanize you at the end.
"I can't even get hard anymore. I guess I'll just take a sad ending." - guy on massage table.
by sad_boi_eurobeatoff May 17, 2018
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A little person stripper version of tub girl with a blue waffle, dressed up as a mime-clown, with big black hands that someone pays for to drill them rough, but instead puts her crevasse in their face and proceeds to shit on their chest, take their money, and subsequently giving them blue balls.
Robert went to the dentist today and got a sad ending. His mouth was numb and he smelled like shit.
by maphew December 04, 2013
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