Saâd is an Arabic name that mean "happy ". Saâd is smart , he is not open minded but his friends like him . He can be a playboy , sorry but he is the type that sacrifice his friends.
Saâd is so smart! But, I've heard he is a playboy!
by Hateschool4567 May 24, 2021
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Saad a name originated in Arabia given to the most genuine and gorgeous human. Is very dorky and loving when around their closest friends. Is a charmer and can make anyone laugh and feel comfortable they have been through a lot in life and has come so far from where they were before. Definitely someone to be proud of.

Definitely passes the vibes check. If you come across a Saad in your life keep them close.
Have you met Saad?

Yea, he's so adorable
via giphy
by Uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu October 03, 2020
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A good looking guy that's probably 6'4 and is the nicest person that you could ever come across, unless you get on their nerves, otherwise WATCH OUT!!
by A Guy lolLOL January 25, 2021
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someone who seems very strong and careless, but actually sweet, soft and always here for people he loves, even if he doesn’t have the time.
Also the type of guy discreet, and mysterious...All the girls think he is handsome but in fact inaccessible because he doesn’t care about them at all.
Seems shy at the first time but when he likes you he will tell all the details of his wonderful life, also someone very funny and handsome with a lot of charm, who can make you smile just by his look. Someone always happy who smile every time.
But when he gets angry, he will tell you bad things he didn’t mean at all because he gets himself carried away easily, also not the type of person who will take revenge when he is hurt, he is just gonna let the person pay for what he/she did to him. Saad is the type of person who dare not apology when he did something bad, but he regret a lot and just want to make you understand that he is sorry, by his actions. Also, he is not very honest, so he doesn’t really say things clearly, he doesn’t want you to be hurt. He is very intelligent.
Saad is the type of person we all need in our lifes, especially if we are sensitive, he is someone who we feel safe with him.
If u have a Saad in your life, don’t let him go pls
by runoutjjk January 29, 2020
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A cool, calm, collective person. He may be hot-tempered, but most of the time he's cool.

A skinny nerd who knows almost everything you try to talk about.
He's so calm! He must be a Saad.
by SaWa1490 December 09, 2019
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Craving a lot of attention and affection but doesnt want to be bothered
hi im Saad (Saad is the whole definition as said above)
by Sugahrie March 22, 2021
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