Someone very hot and cute at the same time.
You don't want to be enemies with this person as they are very strong and will make people make fun of you.
Can possibly be a ting with Teagan.
why is that guy so cute he must be a Saad
by darthvader123 March 02, 2019
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a miserable pain in the ass that acts like they knows everything to compensate for the fact that they will most definitely be alone forever due to the reality that they’re completely and utterly intolerable.
Rewa: Have you seen Saad?
Santana: Yeah, he’s in the choir room.
by Yyyyyyyyokay August 04, 2020
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Usually a person who will never hit puberty and has a high voice. Contrary to this he acts extremely horny constantly and is a ass man
Who is that guy with the high voice
Must be a saad
by Juicyspoon August 07, 2019
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1. A feeling similar to deja vu where you think you have seen something somewhere else previously

2. to appropriate the copyrighted works of others, and pass them off as your own to win photographic awards and fame.

3. the process of adding random and usually senseless bits of clipart to your photographic work to impress your colleagues when they judge your work.

4. Additional usage: describes how you feel when you are uncovered as the fraud that you are.
Photographer - Hmmmm - where have I seen that before? Is that a Saad?
Lisa: Nowhere - it's a unique piece of work.
AIPP Judge - either way I love it. Gold with Distinction

Creative person - look at my latest creation. Im going to post it on the internet.
Friend: You better watermark it dude - or someone might Saad it.

Established non-AIPP Photographer: What's that random piece of clipart doing in this photo.
AIPP Judge: Oh its a Saad. Lets score it higher.

Lisa - I cant believe they're revoked all my photographic awards. They cant take away my photo club titles.
Matt - you poor thing. You must feel really saad. Better give back those prizes now.
by Dino Thepenis February 15, 2019
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He is very abusive and terrible at any game and very horrible at being a human he abuses me pls help I beg this is a cry for help
Bro that guy is being very saad.
I know bro he seemed like a saad.
by I like poppy November 06, 2020
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Saad is the sweetest guy ever. When he really wants something he always get it. Very charming, got a lot of women on his dick but he only cares about that one girl. He's a gamer and love to scream for no reason when he plays. He's very cute , and will eventually be hella rich .
- yo that guy Saad really the man of my life.
by whateverthatfuckinmean December 15, 2020
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