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An obfuscation designed to give pimps and others who have never spent a day in their lives being fucked for money, a legitimate voice. This drowns out the vouces of actual people in prostitution.
Pimp: I'm a sex worker and want pimps decriminalised

Actual person in prostitution: I don't.

Webcammers: We're sex workers and we support sex workers.

Public: Listen to sex workers

Actual person in prostitution: No one is listening.
by SayingItLikeItIs October 22, 2017
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any form or labor in relationship to selling intercourse. not to be confused with prostitution. sex work can be either voluntary or forced, commonly through coercion or sex-trafficking. can be empowering for those who make the active choice to engage in this genre of labor or tremendously disempowering for those forced into this type of work against their will.
sex work is a heated topic in feminist discourse.
by WOST312 May 17, 2009
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What a smart young woman does because love does not exist in men so you might as well get paid for it. Using her looks to survive.

This includes strippers, prostition, sugaring, camming etc.
Why would I waste time being hurt in a relationship, when I could be in sex work and get hurt for money?
by Nekorara December 13, 2016
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