Originally meaning you are gay back when people weren’t allowed to be gay
hey I’m swag(gay) cool so am I
by lil glass17 January 09, 2021
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swag is a word idiots have now taken, it really means a bundle of camping gear or a small tent for 100s of years ,
once a jolly swag man camped by a bilabong.
I have my swag on my back and going camping along the beach
by What ever May 16, 2016
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An in-breeding between stagger, wag(ger), sag(ger) and if you wish to make a semordnilap out of the latter then you will all be due for the complementary (hot) gas that no doubt is juxtaposed with all of the self-congratulorly hot air that comes out of it's opposite and sometimes apposite top end.
No dumb arses who think they have swag. Coz U don't!!!
by theodisc October 28, 2014
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(Noun) Sex with a Ginger
Im about to get my swag on.
via giphy
by SwagHMU February 06, 2019
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swag means (secretly we are gay ) :D
bruh: that was swag

other bruh:ewww gross ur gay gtfo bruh
bruh: LOL
by bruh bruhington September 29, 2015
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