The state of your swag at any given time. Your swag level can rise or fall depending on how you are feeling. A high swag level means you are feeling good about yourself while a low swag level means that your confidence is lacking. Swag level can change very quickly.
DeJuan's swag level is pretty high after having a threesome last night.

Andrew: How come Garrett is looking so sad today?
Dustin: He got rejected by Megan last night so his swag level is at an all time low.
by SkipStyles October 26, 2011
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Each person has a swag level. You can reach different swag levels by points called "Swag points". There are atleast 7 levels of swag which you can classify yourself as...

Level 1. ight +0
Level 2. Chill +5
Level 3. Tight +10
Level 4. Dope +15
Level 5. sky high +20
Level 6. Epic +25
Level 7. Fly +30

The +'s are how many swag points it is until you reach that level... Everybody starts of at ight. You may earn points by different acts you do for example if you get cell numbers, if you dress fly, if your pants are kinda low, if your straight up making bank, and lastly if you got bitches all around you!

Now since you know, go out and improve your swag level and post on Facebook what it is as soon as it hits the next level
1. "Yo im only like 2 points away from hitting fly on my swag level"
2. "Damn bro, im still just Dope, but i only need to get 3 more swag points before i be sky high"
1. "Thats great, but you still ain't up with me"
by rockinwithswagger13 December 31, 2011
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Swag level master: someone who has gotten past the first 99 tiers of swag and reached such high swag they are a master. By the off chance you run into a swag master you must bow respectfully and say sup swagmaster Sam (for example). When you become one whenever you go out you must have a posse of swag friends level 7+ meaning they are fly. To gain such a high level of swag you need a big dick, talk the talk, walk the walk, and makes lots of parodies. Also use the word swag a lot and each time you will go up a level. The highest swag level master is a Chinese dude with a level of 5000 however generally a swagmaster is 500+.
Random swag less guy: yo sup swagmaster. Swag level master: *quick nod with shades*. Random swag less guy at school: OMG yesterday I was acknowledged by a Chinese swag master!
by Dondochakka aka swagman October 5, 2013
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