A fucking obnoxious, piece of shit word used by fucking obnoxious, piece of shit little kids who think they know anything about the world but in reality, all they know is New World Order brainwashing and Luciferian Illuminati symbolism that they see in ridiculous music videos, causing them to flash Luciferian occult gang signs they don't even understand and speak utterances like “SWAG, YOLO!” instead of speaking English words. When asked what the fuck this even means, they will continue speaking some more indoctrinated Common Core occult incantations—again, they are unaware of this—while applying their Egyptian-themed winged eyeliner to look like some stupid Lady Gaga whore.
My annoying cunt of a little sister walked by my room and instead of saying “hi” or something like an actual person, she just goes “SWAG!” and does like this Eye of Horus hand sign… god, my sister is a stupid little cunt.
by ImGonnaPutAStopToThis October 08, 2014
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Acronym for Secretly We Are Gay
That guy is Swag
Yeah I know he needs help out of the closet
by capitol sin November 20, 2011
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An overused word to describe one's self as being "cool" in presented appearance such as clothing or other things.

Generally used by douche-bags, faggots, and wannabes.

On facebook, its usually used as a middle name such as Bill "Swagmeister" Bob.

Used as a noun
"I got some swag" or "Swag"
by JCGinger October 24, 2011
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Having "swag" means to look, act, and think like a total fucking retard. Giving ones self more confidence.
That kid says he has Swag, he doesn't know it makes him sound like a total fucking idiot.
by RugbyPlayer1111 February 02, 2012
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An acronym for Secretly We Are Gay because the word swag is the stupidest thing to be created by humans.
Group: SWAG!!
Guy: So you're all gay?
Group: NO!
Guy: Well obviously you are because you just said "Secretly We Are Gay" even though it's not a secret anymore.
by Codepoke December 01, 2012
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Swag: Something people think they can achieve by acting like a d-bag and make themselves think that they're really-really tight. Symptoms include trying to act a lot smoother but end up looking like you don't know what reality is because your mind is cluttered with douche. Swag affects many people, like the African American race, but is much funnier when white people are affected.
Random Douche: "Wassup player?"
Guy: "Uh...your white and you live in the suburbs, remember?"
Random Douche: "Whaa? You crazy! Ahaa! SWAG!"
Guy: "..."
by ICanReadTheAlphabet June 10, 2011
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