Memulous is a YouTuber who takes the piss out of people.
Memeulouse is a youtuber
by Jack125 February 3, 2017
A absolute god who is definetly not under 5'7
memeulous is short
by Bignoncejillhudson November 24, 2019
the biggest alpha male you will ever meet.
did you see memeulous yesterday? he's such an alpha male
by AlphaMaleGod February 10, 2020
is big pussyo nonce and fiddles with children in playground. quite funny tho.
person; oi memeulous u nonce

memeulous; ok
he mmmm is 69 420 memeulous yaaaaaaaaaaaaas
by Pizza duck😊 January 10, 2020
short nonce who shouts at kids on roblox with his autistic friend.
under 5”8, he’s actually 4”10 and butters.
posh little cunt him.
lives with his little roomate who looks like the gummy bear.
and that square headed bloke. he’s ugly too.

fucks sake let me stab him up fam.
memeulous is fucking ugly int he

- yes mate haha
by September 17, 2018