One of the most overused words nowadays. Primarily used by the same people that use terms such as "YOLO", meaning it is mostly used by douchebags wearing their hats sideways and their pants so low they'll trip and fall if they attempt to walk any faster than a sloth.

Also stands for "Secretley We Are Gay"
Daniel: "Man, I'm soooo Swag!"
Filip: "Wow, I didn't know you were gay :O"
by Kireboi November 13, 2012
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A term reinvented by the younger generation. Swag is an abstract and often intangible concept. Generally is used to describe a certain way of carrying oneself that conveys a certain effortlessness in all aspects of life - someone who has "swag" employs a fluid body language and lazy or careless behavior to give off a sense of inner peace and absolute confidence. Clothing also plays a large role in one's swag - generally it is associated with urban hip-hop themed apparel, generally with either bright colors or the prominent use of white so as to appear more "clean". this look does not work for everyone, and is generally only used by the upper class. more poverty-ridden individuals who seek swag can use a variety of clothes - ultimately swag is not about one particular style, but about the individual's ability to find and maintain a style that suits their personality.
"Damn son what are you tryna do with them jordans? How long you been saving up for that shit? You be wearing them bright white jordans with your plaid shirt and your ratty-ass dreadlocks, nah son. Nah. you walk around your block in that shit you gon get shot."

"Damn son Nardwuar has more swag than most rappers. He nerdy as all get out but he don't give a fuck."
by yung alex May 06, 2013
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What dipshits who think they're cool say. Swag is basically the most overused term, mainly by faggy "popular kids" who think that teenage angst will get them far in life. These kids have no life, and therefore need to kill themselves.
Faggot: Look at him, he's got killa swag.
Smart person: Shut the fuck up.
by iHateDouchebags February 02, 2012
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"Secretly. We. Are. Gay."
just so you know what people mean when they tlk about their "swag"
dude: i got hella swag!!
other dude: i didnt know you were gay :O
by bigtittypenishead October 11, 2011
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a word that means Secretly We Are Gay

next time u see someone say that there gay
by Subscribe to sushi4u2 September 26, 2017
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Secretly We Are Gay = S.W.A.G
Faggots who randomly rep "S.W.A.G" at random moments for no apparent reason thinking they're cool/different when really they're the "haters" they claim to despise.
by "Minotauro" Mason March 21, 2012
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