Mostly seen in Snapchat or Instagram stories, SU stands for "Swipe Up." Usually leads to a link of some sort or is used to direct people to chat with them.
SU for free chains and watches
SU for a tbh
by leeboi1010 November 20, 2018
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And abbreviation for shut up. Or STFU; an Abbreviation for shut the fuck up
SU bitch; SU ; omg SU
by Desmond_2young_2die October 29, 2018
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SU is short for Super Unicorn. This one of a kind creature has been living for the past six centuries and knows about everything (except computers because he was busy preaching philosophical lessons when computer science was advancing). Many people believe that SU does not exist but historical sightings reveal that the creature may indeed be living among us for a very long time. SU was last spotted in the country of India, more specifically in the state of Maharashtra, according to certain unreliable sources.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this creature is very similar to male human beings in terms of physical appearance.
He is known to possess certain powers which include Victory Dance, Intellect Beam, Emotional Torture, and Future Sight. He is also known to be a very wise and mature creature who offers advice to anyone who asks for it (and anyone who does not).
SU is known to have made and lost many friends in his long life so he appears to be rather recluse at times. He has been seen hanging out with turtles and tortoises often. The slow animals live a long life, very much like him, which enhances their friendship.
SU is known to be a social creature with anti social tendencies. To remain hidden from the prying eyes of the world and still maintain his original identity, he takes names with initials S.U. and tries to blend in with humans. He makes sure that he does not develop deep and strong bonds with most people because he is sure to outlive them.
Girl 1: That guy is definitely SU. I know it, I can feel it. I wish he noticed me.
Girl 2: I know, right? I wish SU would notice me too but we can never be so lucky.
by shakalakaawohoooo January 27, 2017
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S.U. (said 'S-U' not 'sue') stands for socially unacceptable. It can be used in many ways but is often used as an exclamation. It describes situations which are akward, tense, or actions which are inappropriate in a given situation, or simply unacceptable according to social norms.
Did you just ask that complete stranger if you have something in your teeth? SU.

That girl is so werid. All I have for here are two words... SU.
by K,K&S April 9, 2007
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