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Acronym used to describe children whose parents are career military personnel:

B - being
R - relocated
A - all (the)
T - time
Jame has trouble building lasting relationships because she is a army brat.
by GrapefruitVine September 05, 2015
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Any child that grew up with a parent or guaridan in the Army. Moves a lot, has had a military I.D. since age 10, lived on a military base or near a military base their entire life. It kind of sucks and is kind of cool at the same time. Army brats are normally very outgoing, since they have to make all new friends everytime they move.
Kid one-"Jim lived in 14 places since he was born, and went to 11 schools."
Kid two-"Yea, he's an Army Brat."
by IanDW February 18, 2006
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Any child who has grown up with a parent in the army, has never lived in a place more than 3 years, knows what tdy means, got excited when you turned 10 because you get a military id, shops at the px/bx, personally know 10 or more people who got sent to Iraq, lived overseas (hawaii counts) and while overseas attended an international school, has always lived in a place that started with "fort" or ended in "AFB".
I am the typical army brat. I attended 10 different schools before graduation. Lived in so many states (including hawaii, north carolina, california, and washington d.c.) that i am now restless and want to move again.
by jhb July 04, 2005
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