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Italian American dialect slang for a Spaniard. Comes from Italian word "spagnolo" meaning Spaniard.
by CristoforoBOOMBOTS November 03, 2016
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Generally meaningless insult with only a passing phonological similarity to "fag". Commonly used by Discordians.
I was waiting in line behind this total spag, he was all like "ehhhh stop twisting my arm!" so I keep twisting until he gave me his lunch money.
by Cramulus January 20, 2009
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1. To evacuate saliva/phlegm from one's mouth.
2. The globular result of the aforementioned action.

Mainly a East Lancashire/West Yorkshire expression.
Person 1: Oi, ya bugger! You just spagged on mi arm!
Person 2: Sorry lad, I were aimin' for that cat on t'fence.
by Lexiconstipation August 07, 2009
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as in spaghetti

but can refer to any kind of pasta
mort:are we reacting spags for lunch?
sayi:fuck no, am getting a kebab
by ssegga July 24, 2008
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