Combination of SPey (as in a style of casting) and fAG (as in they spend too much time thinking about it.
CA is a SPAG!!
by P-dizzly-dogg October 22, 2009
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i'm SPAG'ing for short people across the nation, not mentioning names.
by Richhhhhhhhhhhhh May 17, 2008
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Generally meaningless insult with only a passing phonological similarity to "fag". Commonly used by Discordians.
I was waiting in line behind this total spag, he was all like "ehhhh stop twisting my arm!" so I keep twisting until he gave me his lunch money.
by Cramulus January 20, 2009
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Adjective - Means extremely drunk or generally fucked up on some kind of chemicals. Short for Spaghetti Bolegneseed

Guy 1: Mate, I was SPAGGED last night

Guy 2: You must've been dude, you shagged Gemma.
by Chelsea's Dagger April 15, 2009
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