1. good morning
2. A salut to employees in the building
Chris: Goodmorning
Evan: ehhhh
by mike October 2, 2003
When the sex is okay but not good enough. Sounds something in between a moan and groan.
"Babe, how am I doing?"
by MyDEMISE February 17, 2018
A word you use when you know you are wrong but can't stop talking and trying to buy time to think about what to say next.
Ehhhh my wife's not fat, she's big boned.
by DJ Flipper December 14, 2019
The word “EHHHH” is used by the ancient mythical giant called “EL GOLDO”, which he used to leer his female victims in 7-11, to his dungeon. Another phrase he said was “NICE BOOTS” meaning nice boobies
by Juanito0969 October 22, 2022