souza, source of unusual Zionist assault
the doll souza's proclaimed there were portages but there Jewish side kept popping out every time there was money to be made no matter how small the amount
by DRILL FOR OIL NOW October 27, 2019
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Souza, n. The unannounced general feeling in the air to engage in sexual contact, usually generated upon contact, eye contact, or sight of appearance. Also translated to the Verb form "Souzz", is the action of Souza. Putting the conduct into direct immediate, intimate action of sexual contact.
I get that souza feeling every time Jenna walks by the room.
by Shreddersunion December 30, 2011
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world famous surname, anyone with this birthright has been born with sublime soccer skills..even if no one knows it.
Brazilian players such as Robinho, Deco, Romario, Edmundo.....all have De Souza in their full names
by nds619 July 7, 2006
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Began playing horns at age three. After years of working in a tofu manufacturing company, created the "souzaphone". Later the invention would be stolen and renamed "sousaphone" due to infringement
Dude! Dylan Souza totally pissed into his sousaphone
by M0THER April 9, 2009
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One who resembles that of a pug. Believes he is great at sports, although he is one of the most unathletic people alive. He often uses excuses to defend why he sucks so bad at sports, mainly blaming it on the 24 1/2 pushups he did earlier that day or on the ref.
Hey, get up and practice fatty! Or do you want to be a rob souza on the court tonight?
by Ethan Crane August 12, 2011
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A kidd that is totally awesome and has lots of sweeet kick butt friends ;D
he goes to penn highschool! hes the shytt!
Dylan Souza is the best person ever!
by Dylanxx August 23, 2008
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