Basic or Fake; a person (usually caucasian and female) who is fake on social media and portrays themself as a better person than they really are
Tiffany is so synthetic. She is smiling in all her pictures even though she is a total bitch.
by Jubruption November 23, 2015
Pharmaceutically, a non-endogenous compound in the field of biological/organic chemistry. Essentially meaning, the unnatural occurence or man made molecule.
Oxymorphone is a semi synthetic compound derived from naturally occurring thebaine and morphine found within the opium poppy plant. Fentanyl, another opioid agonist is not derived from any endogenous compound; therefore it is considered a fully synthetic chemical.
by j-hood3 September 20, 2009
After mass vaccination for Covid-19 and its many variants the world is full of a race of Synthetics. Synthetics are any man, women or child that has had the Covid-19 vaccine/ device injected into their body.
After years of studies and countless whistleblowers within the government and pharmaceutical industry, I was I would have refrained for getting the vaccine and becoming part of the Synthetics
by Jamie Howard September 5, 2021
Fake. Unnatural fibers used in braiding hair.
"Gurl, you know that synthetic hair only costs 99 cents..."
by The cherry 1! July 17, 2005
Additive with zero overlap (conflation).

Based on the duality of meaning and structure (structural divergence).

Possible before the material past.
The meta moves from the paradoxical future to the future, however the synthetic moves from the pre-material past to the paradoxical past.
by sandrashine September 2, 2018
Being led on by someone who you wish you could give everything to.
The synthetic love he felt for me had slowly taken it's toll as I realized what I really meant.
by SummerScissorhands September 29, 2013
Jizz that has been extracted from a gay (or straight) man's asshole then mixed with Hershey's syrup and avocado's. Intended to be used as facial mask. Apply liberally!
John's face looks like a pair of angels marching two by two thanks to synthetic mud.
by TheChuckster0 November 22, 2014