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Sarasota,Florida home of tha dread heads,chevy and the gold teeth
fuck boy:Aye fuck boy where u from?
Sota Boy:Bitch im a sota boy
by Antione October 26, 2007
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In Midwest United States vernacular 1. (n) A drug deal.
2. (v) Make a drug deal. 3. (n) A person who purchases drugs in a drug deal. 4. (n) A crackhead.
1. "Damn man! Why didn't you tell me my phone was on silent? I coulda missed a sting! 2. Hold up real quick, I'm finna go sting this nigga. 3. One of my stings stopped by earlier, but I couldn't even fuck wit' 'em. I gotta reup. 4. Nigga why you got that sting in here tryna crank dat soulja boy?
by Antione October 30, 2007
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