Sos (pronounced soss, not as each separate letter as one might do when referring to the emergency message Save Our Souls, commonly abbreviated to S.O.S) is a term with a wide variety of meanings, uses and interpretations. It is derived from a device used in many YTPs (Youtube Poops) where the audio and video of a clip is edited to make it seem like the speaking character says “soss” for comedic effect. In this adapted version, sos can mean many things. It can be used to describe almost anything the speaker wishes, but is more commonly used to express appreciation for something. It can also be said whilst the speaker sucks air back into their lungs whilst speaking to make the way the person says the word funnier. This is how the term became known in its current form. A version of sos, the noun sosser can also be used when referring to something cute, usually a dog
Person 1: Sos
Person 2: What the fuck does sos even mean?
by Barus July 03, 2019
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Originally used by sailors as a distress signal/code meaning Save Our Ship, hence S.O.S.
Sailor: "Captain...the ship is taking in too much water..."

Captain: "Send a S.O.S. transmition to the base..."

Sailor: "Ay-Ay Captain!"
by nismoflip6 October 06, 2005
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The easiest message to transmit recurringly using morse code. It consists of three short beeps, three long ones and three short ones again


It does not stand for anything
...---... ...---...

S.O.S S.O.S ship is sinking
by diegator February 22, 2005
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It stands for Save our Souls, it's a call for help, in the last dire moment...
by Andrew Boost May 04, 2005
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"Shit on a shingle," term used by individauls typically with a military background referring to creamed chipped beef on toast.
"Woah, is that brain on your bread?"
"No man, it's SOS."
by 2 Wycked Carl May 05, 2004
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