SOS really doesn't stand for anything, as any radio operator will tell you,

it is simply "SOS" becuase the letters S and O are very easy to understand under conditions of high interferance.

so stop saying "Save our whatever"
SOS, SOS, Titanic
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 28, 2003
S: Same


S: Shit
"hey coach what are we doing today?"
"what drill are we running ?"
"Same old shit"
by Dae Yeong January 26, 2018
You sitting there looking SOS now that you lost all your money gambling.
by Mz. Foxie February 18, 2019
Sack of Shit. When someone acts in a way that warrants calling him or her multiple Pieces Of Shit.
Yo, that Cali guy , Austin, planned the event but was 30 minutes late. What an SOS.
by Chagramal March 23, 2017
Same Old and Single
A quick way to say that you are still living the same life without a romantic partner.
A: How have you been?
by tech-whiz214 March 25, 2016
Someone Over (the) Shoulder.

It can be used when your mother is standing right behind you and keeping a watch on what you are doing on the net. Obviously, you cannot tell your girlfriend or whomever that your mom is behind you, so you can just type SOS.
That way your mom won't understand but the person you are talking to can be careful.
Your GF- HEY!
*your mom comes behind and watches the screen*
GF- Ok. How are you?
*normal and formal chat follows and your mom ain't suspicious*
*Day Saved*
You can use it against your wife too.
by akky47 October 10, 2010