A response to something one finds boring, uninteresting, stupid, disappointing, or just generally negative.
Person A: Ugh, I just got fired yesterday.

Person B: Dude, that’s so cheetah!
by QonBroadway05 December 30, 2021
Happened to me, like has anyone else had this problem?

I created 3 definitions yesterday and none of them are on the website yet...

I am so disappointed.
When your definition was created yesterday and still hasn't been reviewed so it isn't published
by Poopz💩 October 1, 2022
elm so is another word for 'lmao'. i came across this phrase elm so because of autocorrect. big shoutout to autocorrect.
me: elm so
also me: how the fuck does lmao autocorrect to elm so
friend: lmao
by amypercy April 14, 2020
Describes something that involves copious amount of nicotine addiction. Mostly heard from young white adults between the ages of 18-22.
Brett: “Buddy let me tap ur fucking kang for a minute.”

Todd: “Ask Sebastian for his. Mines already dead.”

Chad: “Dude you got that thing this morning, doesn’t it have like 1600 hits?”

Todd: “Yes.”

Brett: “Dude that’s so puffbar.”
by BigBlair55 August 24, 2021
Someone who knows nothing or little about something.
“How did you not know where to put the blankets, soed
by Proffesor.Proople May 18, 2021
I don’t know someone tell me what this means coming from a peer or friend or anyone
by Nicolkayholzinger November 3, 2020