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combating shadiness with shady tactics
keepin nasties incheck
yo that fool from the 408 is hella cutty, gota get SLP to run him over with a range rover.
by Ronald Dregan November 13, 2007
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Worst district of high schools located in St. Louis, MO
"Dude, I just got suspended for sharpening my pencil!"
"It's because we go to SLPS, brosef."
by hamsauce June 12, 2008
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Pronounced SLAPS. Sack Longer than Penis Syndrome. When your ball sack hangs longer than your penis.
Hey, did you see Todd in the locker room? He suffers from SLPS!
by SLAPS23 May 12, 2011
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noun or verb - Abbreviation for 'solo laugh party'. When someone starts laughing by themselves for no apparent reason.
Hannah remembered something funny and started to slp. Her friends stared at her, unsure of why they were hanging out with her.
by bobloblaw March 04, 2012
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the second way to record on a VHS tape the other being SP. Short for Super Long Play SLP takes less tape space but is a large step down in quality from SP mode. If your just recording some show you`ll only watch once then use SLP but for some movie you`ll want to watch over and over again use SP. SP also can be played more times before the quality starts to vary.
Hey Im going to bed early tape mike and molly in SLP for me so I can watch it tomarrow
by harrykid July 27, 2011
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