something described as slick and clean at the same time.
"yo man, that ride is sleen" "that's a sleen haircut"
by kocheese May 30, 2006
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A word with many meanings, can be used as an insult due to it's origin's being a type of Lizard, or alternatively as a way of describing a party/ drinking session.
As an insult/ banter
"What are you, a sailor"
"Filthy slut"
"You're a fucking sleen"

As an adjective
"So, Larry's party tonight in town, all in for a long one?"
"Yeah man, we're gonna get Sleened!"
by HarkinsEgo December 18, 2011
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Common abbreviation of the lovely name 'Celine'. It certainly does not mean any of those other nasty things. :P
by Celine aka Sleen July 4, 2006
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v.t. to engage in anal intercourse (contraction of the trade name of petroleum jelly - Vaseline - tm) also sleener
After much pleading, James agreed to allow Patrick to sleen him.
by Harold B. Slusser April 28, 2006
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a creature of some sort who has fish hands, a deformed toe, and is tall as oxen.. he likes to snowboard and sleep.
the sleen coon is out like a light once again
by wacko zacko October 13, 2011
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An incredibly awesome audience
You all are so sleen
by V Dean June 19, 2019
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