A golddigger dat looks like a flawless dime piece, but really ain't got a dime.
Toast: Damn! shawty looks good.
Tyrone: Be careful, she a SKEEO
by Tosin November 3, 2006
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A whore. Derived from the phrase "skeet skeet" and the word "hoe."

Gosh his ex is such a skeeo.
by Danielle&Amber November 29, 2007
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pigeons...if you dont know dont ask
you foget dem skeeos
by p-knuckle May 7, 2004
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a skeeo shares many similarities with a pigeon, the difference being while a pigeon is much more physically disgusting, a skeeo is has a more annoying, bitchy, uncool personality
lil kim is a pigeon, ashanti is a skeeo
by kidzbop September 16, 2005
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A female who looks as if she has money, has hoe tendencies but looks as if she has money.
its mad skeeos up in da club to night
by da kid killa October 25, 2004
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An guy names skeeos got in the wall he died and couldnt get out of the wall rip 2002 to 2019
i will miss you skeeos :(
i love you homie full homo bb

skeeos is dead because of the fence >:(!
by skeeos October 2, 2019
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