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one of the spice girls, one of very few people in the world who from different camera angles can look white, asian, or hispanic
posh spice is really hot
by kidzbop September 05, 2005

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insult on the hoop court, portmanteau of wnba and nbdl - someone is so bad they have to play in a women's minor league
ayo that's WNBDL D you're playin
by kidzbop December 04, 2006

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a skeeo shares many similarities with a pigeon, the difference being while a pigeon is much more physically disgusting, a skeeo is has a more annoying, bitchy, uncool personality
lil kim is a pigeon, ashanti is a skeeo
by kidzbop September 15, 2005

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n - the act of waddling in syncopation, with fingers made like a penguin, while squealing in a high voice, "ebgbgb, ebgbgb"

v - to do the aforementioned act
we gave mike an ebgb last week

here comes woodsy, let's ebgb her
by kidzbop February 25, 2008

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