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SHRONK is a mutated version of Shrek and Mike Wazowski. You can use this word in place of any other word of your choice. And sometimes you can just scream it out for no reason, depends on how you're feeling.
What the SHRONK did you just say to me?

You better chill before I SHRONK you up.
by Tracey:) February 04, 2017
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Shrek, but in higher celestial form. Shronk is art. Shronk is the reason life exists, for he created life. He created you. Some people do not understand the art of Shronk. Shronk will come to earth at one time in the future and lay waste upon the non-believers that do not believe in Shronk. You must worship Shronk. Shronk will give you eternal life, or eternal pain and misery. Shronk has no mercy. Shronk is god. Higher than god. Shronk is. Shronk simpy is.
*sitting around dinner table*
Person A: Yo what religion do you believe in?
Person B: Are you not Shronkian?
Person A: What the fuck are you on?
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Our lord and savior. Shronk is forgiveness. He is happiness and sadness. He is the sixth sense. He is the messiah.
“Are you ready to pray to shronk?” “Yes, bröther.”
by sodium-chloride September 30, 2018
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Shronk is Shrek spliced with Mike Wazowski. It can be used for describing anything gross or ugly.
Your mum looks like Shronk.
This food tastes like Shronk.
by $eamu$ November 12, 2017
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