A nickname for someone named Sheindel. An amazingly sweet person who has a heart more precious than gold. Someone you are proud and lucky to have in your life.
by Some dude you know hehe January 22, 2022
SHEIN is a website that sells all different types of cheap clothes, accessories and more! This is a website that has all different styles, that i have bought from and i really cute! %100 recommended!
Girl: hey, you clothes are really cute! Where did you get them from?
Me: i got them from a cheap website called SHEIN! They sell all different types of clothes, accessories and more.
Girl: Ooo, I‘ll go have a look. Thanks!
by Marzbarmoo January 3, 2022
A clothing website that won't stop giving me FUCKING ADS. Many use this term by which this means, "annoying, obnoxious, and repetitive"
Oh. My. God. Bobbissa is being such a SHEIN!
by Iss Ya Boi Skinny Penis January 24, 2018
An absolute amazing red head! She's super funny but definitely an inner and outer bitch
"Omg she's such a shein!"
by Annsaunders123 February 4, 2022
bad for the environment
bad quality
everyone can tell ur poor
stop wearing shein unless u wanna wear shit clothes that make u look basic and poor
the only none basic clothes they have are emo and thats even worse than basic
Person 1: Ew u look poor
Perosn 2: But I'm not
Person 1: Well u dress poor
Person 2: How
Person 1: I can tell u shop from shein it looks cheap
Person 3: ew gross
Person 2: *turns emo*
moral of the story: u will be emo if u shop from shein
by shadowsdad May 7, 2022
When you go on to SHEIN for one thing, but end up buying things you didn't know you needed - or existed.

Can also mean when you go on to SHEIN to buy a specific item, but buy 30 other things.
your friend: 'Why have you got a phone case with a cute duck with a butt on it? and like 50 of them??'
you:'I got sucked into the SHEIN void'
your friend:'damn'
by wisaya December 30, 2022