A clothing website that won't stop giving me FUCKING ADS. Many use this term by which this means, "annoying, obnoxious, and repetitive"
Oh. My. God. Bobbissa is being such a SHEIN!
by Iss Ya Boi Skinny Penis January 23, 2018
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When you take a dump, wipe and your hole is clean!
Man, I love when I shein. I save a butt load of skrilla on TP.
by Ginormous Squirt October 17, 2009
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The act of one (1) male having intercourse with three (3) separate females at separate times in the course of one 24 hour span. Usually performed without showering.
Dude! Charlie had sex with Wanda at 8AM and then after she went home he called up Marnie and had sex with her at 12, then he dropped her off called up Tiffanie and had sex with her in his car at 2:30PM!

He pulled off the Triple Shein! One of the toughest sex acts to pull off without coming out of pocket for some serious dough.
by Jordan Fenton August 31, 2011
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