Safe For Work. Used to describe Internet content that could be viewed in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to NSFW, Not Safe For Work).
by The Internet September 12, 2003
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Safe for work. Something on the internet that would be acceptable to view in public.
Don't go on 4chan, it's not SFW
by Colder August 24, 2011
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So Fucking What
I got a 10 cent raise #SFW.
by ground pounder August 3, 2015
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1. Powerlifting. To "Smash Fucking Weights". Popularized by one Vincent Dizenzo, an 800 lbs. bencher who wanted to quickly settle a dispute about training methodologies.

"Too many guys are looking for the right program instead of just Smashing Fucking Weights".

The key to getting strong is to just SFW.
by unstable August 1, 2006
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Acronym for "so fucking what?"
i'm eating cereal in bed, sfw
by cquiz April 14, 2011
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A quick, heart felt reply to something you really don't care about. See "So Fucking What?"
Person 1: Hey, I beat Final Fantasy 37 last night!
Person 2: SFW
Person 1: Yeah, well... fuck you too.
by Darkfiend January 11, 2005
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