Means "safe for work" and is the opposite of NSFW (Not safe for work).
It is for example videos that doesn't contain any adult-content and are family-friendly.
Isac: Look att this video!
Ellie: Wow this is SFW! I could definitely watch this at work!
by Scorpio lover December 29, 2020
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SFWS stands for Small Fat Woman Syndrome

This is generally used to describe woman who are 5' 5" or under, have an obvious overeating habit and are general arseholes.
They use their arseholeness to compensate for their evergrowing belt size
Person 1 : "Why is she such a dick?"
Person 2 : "Probably suffers from SFWS"
You look over and see the contents of the fridge being Henry the Hoovered
Person 1 : "Ah of course, that makes sense"
by BaudScaler January 30, 2018
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A quick, heart felt reply to something you really don't care about. See "So Fucking What?"
Person 1: Hey, I beat Final Fantasy 37 last night!
Person 2: SFW
Person 1: Yeah, well... fuck you too.
by Darkfiend January 10, 2005
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Subs fucking where? Used in the anime community to express displeasure for a lack of subtitles for a certain series.
Anonymous 1: The raws for the new Eva movie are out.
Anonymous 2: SFW?
by an /a/non January 30, 2010
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abbreviation for "shit fuck whore." Commonly used by the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets to describe something terrible, as an adjective, or just in casual conversation. Essentially, it can be plugged in anywhere that people aren't uptight assholes. Used particularly by the unit N-1.
"Man I bombed my Calc test. sfw!!"
"Dude, this stupid sfw car won't start."
by MrVara October 27, 2011
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So Fucking What
title of a horrible teen angst movie from 1994, with stephen dorff and reese witherspoon
guy1: hey, i watched so fucking what last night
guy2: so fucking what?
guy1: exactly
by scat May 05, 2004
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SFW is an abbreviation for "so fucking wankable" or "so freaking wankable," describing the attractiveness of a girl.
Wow, that girl is SFW!
by Dawginatrix March 24, 2011
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