1. A super strain of herpes, also known as dick zits. Truly terrible.

Fort McMurray
"I think that medic I slept with in Fort Mac gave me Serpes!"

"My dick has broken out like a prepubescent boy after pizza night. I must have Serpes"
by Sundog_ January 29, 2014
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The word "serp" orignated from the word "soop" founded by a group of children in the NorthEast of England.

There is no real definition for "serp" other than it is a massive rip on whoever you are talking to and basically means FUCK OFF.

There are many variations on the word "serp" such as:
*seaap jap nah
Tom - "bucked ya mam"
Ryan - "serp"

Mark - "sdfihfoihgsdoh oooooo mosha buzzin am plaggy booze mosha mortal lalalala 2L 2L 2L 2L 2LLLL 2LLLLL 2LLLL"
Biggy - "stop buzzin"
Mark - ":o"
Biggy - "SERP"
by rUnEsCaPeLoL December 07, 2009
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Most commonly a female who goes after one of their friends' past and/or present love interests
"Did you hear about kayleigh and chris?" "yeah, she's such a serp"
by rororo September 17, 2007
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Verb - When an individual of a realtively high status, but not of a very high one thinks of himself as the king of the world. A serper makes himself the only high status figure cutting off every single other oponent to his easily gotten throne. A serper is also closely linked to being a dicktator.
Clout is serping us over.
by bookchin November 28, 2015
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1. Search Engine Result Pages. The webpages displayed when you search for something.

2.Search Engine Result Positioning or a pages ranking or placement.

2.State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme

3.a competition to see who climbs up the Google ranking most in a set amount of time or gain the highest Google placement for a given keyword, within a set time period.

4.a Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practise in Sweden.
some say that the serps arnt showing up in there browsers correctly after they search for somthing.

you could join a serps contest to learn about search engine optimization.

As a general guide, Serps will be, at most, 20% of the average earnings on which a person has paid National Insurance contributions over their working life.
by gonzo April 10, 2004
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A venerial disease contractable by having sex with the reptilian aliens who masquerade as humans and control all world governments.
"Did you hear she got serpes? Yeah, she's been sleeping with a senator.
by AsaTJ May 05, 2011
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