SCPS also known as the SIM Card Protection Services are the main source of protection for SIM cards but they will go out of their way to protect other types of cards too.
Guy 1: Haha dude, I made my SIM card explode.
Guy 2: Be prepared, I called the SCPS on you.
Guy 1: Oh shit! The first wave they send has debit cards...
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by Tara Lynn January 13, 2021
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Person 1: hey heard of the scp foundation? I love that picture of 096!
Person 2: Why am i hearing screaming?
Person 1: *dies*
Person 2: oh hello, you have a nice fac- *dies*
by deto53 February 06, 2021
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SCP stands for "Secure, contain, protect." The SCP Foundation has multiple sites to contain dangerous anomalies that may pose a threat to the world. The SCP Anomalies has classes. There are 3 classes: 1.Safe. Safe is a class that is easier to contain. However, It does not mean that it does not pose a threat. 2.Euclid. Euclid needs more needs to contain the object in a chamber. 3.Keter. Keter classes can easily escape from their containment chambers. In an event of a containment breach, They need to be re-contained.
Guy 1: What is the SCP Foundation?
Guy 2: It is a bunch of REDACTED
by is boris shashlik vodka soviet October 03, 2020
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SCP stands for super cool poster, basically if you want to say yo super cool poster you can say it faster
person1: yo SCP dude
person2: thanks I just made it this mourning dude
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by IS THAT REAL February 04, 2021
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