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Secure Contain Protect
The SCP Foundation

Essentially a fucking government funded day care for anomalous entities, the majority of which will rip you to shreds the second you take your eyes off them or don't give them naptime. The little shits are bound to escape (breach containment) at any moment of any day and might just cause the end of the world (I wish) if they just try hard enough.

Did I mention there are THOUSANDS of these fuckers they have to keep situated?
"Damn that SCP Foundation! Wastin' my taxpayer money on those damn Sasquatches!"
"Grandpa what is that? The S..PC thing?"
"Well I..." (Class A Amnestics kick in)
"Well... well I'll be darned. Mr. Trump's on TV talkin' bout buildin a wall! Turn that shit up, Maggie!"
by legtime February 08, 2019

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