A naturally well packed vulva, whereupon no part of the labia (majora or minora), clitoris, or vestibule of the vagina can be seen.
Guy #1 at strip club: "Dude! Check out that hot single mom working the brass pole! She is so hot and what spectacular containment!"
Guy #2 at strip club (me): "Yeah, she is hot, but I prefer a nice set of ham or roast beef meat curtains."
by Vore September 8, 2005
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The capture and storage of noxious fumes emanating from the anus by utilizing Tupperware plastic containers.
Johnny contained his farts. His mother regretted discovering and opening his multitude of containment vessels (Tupperware).
by BloodySwanson January 19, 2011
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used when someone is on a cell phone in an inappropriate place and/or being usually loud and/or obnoxious.
"contain it!"
"so i told this sorostitute on the bus to contain it"
by tony the time traveler November 2, 2006
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1. people who where jeans with flip flops
bob: haha.. look at what that hippie's wearing, rainbow flip flops and jeans
billy: ugh, what a container.
by sean kassner October 26, 2007
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No true definition, best used in a manner by which the "true" definition cannot be confused with this word.

As a response to any question:
"It's contained."

When reserving a hotel room:
"Sir we do have one room, would you like that one?"
"Is it contained?"
"...what do you mean by contained?"
"I am asking if it is contained it is a simple yes or no question..."
by The PC Nerd August 15, 2005
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The agreement people make for consent of intimate play. A container may include duration of a play date, the acts that are acceptable, a length of time the agreement lasts, who may be informed of the play date etc.
Karen and Jim didn't hook up because they didn't agree to a container. Karen likes backdoor, but Jim isn't into anal.
by mgelly July 5, 2019
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