When your butt starts to sweat, you are experiencing SAS. Usually during an awkward situation, in certain buildings, or sitting for too long.
by GuelphMan July 10, 2011
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"silly as sh*t"
used similar to lol

or can be used describing something/someone

"there's a red duck across the street" "that's sas"
by APretty December 14, 2009
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Sweaty Ass Syndrome, this is where your ass smells really bad from the sweat that comes from within the anal cavity, also it tastes like VB
"Ohhhh my butt cheeks are slippery from all this SAS!"
by SSSSS-ASSSSS June 09, 2003
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Sas is a person who had too many babies with the name Sarah in her birth year, so had her proper name shortened to the always needing to be spelt out - S for Sally, A for apple, S for Sally.

She is a naughty monkey who likes to laugh, at herself and at others, probably due to needing to have one to cope with her name.
F1: Hey I'm Jane, what's your name?
F2: Sas
F1: Sorry what was that?
F2: Sas - S for Sally, A for apple, S for Sally
F1: Oh.....ok.
by supersas September 28, 2011
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A brand of shoe that is worn by old people.
My grandma was so excited because the price of SAS shoes are much lower in the US than in her home country, South Korea. I'm not kidding, my grandma's obssessed with SAS shoes.
by wcgold January 07, 2005
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Not to be confused with Britian's Special Air Service, S.A.S. refers to "sweaty ass syndrome", or ass-crack sweat.

Sweat from the lower back accumulates in the crack of one's ass (usually men) and forms wet stains on thier boxers, sometimes permanently if the sweat is mixed with fecal matter.

Usually treated with a "manpon", or wadded-up handful of toilet paper inserted into the asscrack.
"That construction worker's got S.A.S. so bad, the seat of his jeans look like he wet himself.
by J.Knox May 05, 2008
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