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The term was first started in 2009 and is found on an underground song by a group called Yo Baby Yo, founded by Asian music producer/songwriter Terry Tye Lee & Emcee/show host ι‚±Royall; in Taipei, Taiwan. The 1st reference was made towards a japanese DJ, who's last name is Sakamoto, eventually spawning the song, "Super Sakamoto" by Yo Baby Yo. This word is used in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, West Coast cities with high Asian American population. Predominantly used amongst Asian Americans. Commonly used by well-known import model Jeri Lee.


synonymous to:

cool, awesome, dope, sexy, attractive, sweet, hot, good in taste, good in smell, good to look at, good to touch, good to hear, likeable to all senses, dandy, neat, smart, favorable, da shit, outrageous, wild, insane, crazy, genius, etc.

n: in reference to: a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a significant other, an idol, a hero, a baby, a lover, a shawty, honey.

pronoun: derived from japanese surnames: Sakamoto is a common last name. Nowadays, may be used in the context of titles: dude, bro, sister, homie, Mister, man, ese, cuz, papi chulo, mamacita, etc.
"That is the most SAKAMOTO thing I've heard all day!"

"That girl is super SAKAMOTO!!!"

"Will you be my SAKAMOTO." "She's my SAKAMOTO."

"Whaddup Sakamoto?!!!"

Can also be used in the context of greetings with the intent of gaining one's attention such as: "Hey" "Yo".


Commonly used in the Chinese nightclub scene, has sometimes been shortened to "Moto" & mimics the Motorola cellular phone slogan, "Hello Moto." Also, some say, "Moto, moto" in context to "dumdee dumdee doo".

Excerpts from the song "Super Sakamoto":

"Mr. Sakamoto that's my name, bitches they all love me 'cuz ain't nuthin' changed." ---Super Sakamoto by Yo Baby Yo!!! Future Pop 2009

"U be Princess Laya & I'll be Hans Solo, Harrison Ford is so SAKAMOTO!". ---Super Sakamoto by Yo Baby Yo!!! Future Pop 2009

"I'm so Sakamoto, lemme tell u why, I only buy things that money can't buy...."---Super Sakamoto by Yo Baby Yo!!! Future Pop 2009
by Omnibots April 06, 2010
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