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The term was first started in 2009 and is found on an underground song by a group called Yo Baby Yo, founded by Asian music producer/songwriter Terry Tye Lee & Emcee/show host 邱Royall; in Taipei, Taiwan. The 1st reference was made towards a japanese DJ, who's last name is Sakamoto, eventually spawning the song, "Super Sakamoto" by Yo Baby Yo. This word is used in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, West Coast cities with high Asian American population. Predominantly used amongst Asian Americans. Commonly used by well-known import model Jeri Lee.


synonymous to:

cool, awesome, dope, sexy, attractive, sweet, hot, good in taste, good in smell, good to look at, good to touch, good to hear, likeable to all senses, dandy, neat, smart, favorable, da shit, outrageous, wild, insane, crazy, genius, etc.

n: in reference to: a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a significant other, an idol, a hero, a baby, a lover, a shawty, honey.

pronoun: derived from japanese surnames: Sakamoto is a common last name. Nowadays, may be used in the context of titles: dude, bro, sister, homie, Mister, man, ese, cuz, papi chulo, mamacita, etc.
"That is the most SAKAMOTO thing I've heard all day!"

"That girl is super SAKAMOTO!!!"

"Will you be my SAKAMOTO." "She's my SAKAMOTO."

"Whaddup Sakamoto?!!!"

Can also be used in the context of greetings with the intent of gaining one's attention such as: "Hey" "Yo".


Commonly used in the Chinese nightclub scene, has sometimes been shortened to "Moto" & mimics the Motorola cellular phone slogan, "Hello Moto." Also, some say, "Moto, moto" in context to "dumdee dumdee doo".

Excerpts from the song "Super Sakamoto":

"Mr. Sakamoto that's my name, bitches they all love me 'cuz ain't nuthin' changed." ---Super Sakamoto by Yo Baby Yo!!! Future Pop 2009

"U be Princess Laya & I'll be Hans Solo, Harrison Ford is so SAKAMOTO!". ---Super Sakamoto by Yo Baby Yo!!! Future Pop 2009

"I'm so Sakamoto, lemme tell u why, I only buy things that money can't buy...."---Super Sakamoto by Yo Baby Yo!!! Future Pop 2009
by Omnibots April 6, 2010
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• Name: 坂本直弥
• Name (romaji): Sakamoto Naoya

• Profession: Actor and singer

Birthdate: 1983-Dec-10

• Birthplace: Fukuoka prefecture

• Height: 171cm

• Weight: 50kg

• Blood type: O

• Family: Younger twin brother (Sakamoto Kazuya)

• Band: ON/OFF (Debuted in 2007)

Naoya is more talkative than his brother and gives some of the sexiest expressions. He is as silly and funny as his brother but unlike his brother is not cryptive in blog entries and not very detailed about what he is talking about. By fans often called "Naoya" or "Nao" for short. He is seen as more masculine than his brother and like his brother notes he is the older one when introducing himself. Also, Naoya cannot seem to sleep without pajamas to the point of that he will sleep with them under clothes if he must. Overall, he is a Japanese heartthrob, how can you not *glomp that?

*For those who don't know what glomp is, it is a pounce-like hug normally done when one is excited which may cause the one being hugged to fall taking the bugger with them.
Naoya Sakamoto, the twin who may attack you easliy in a broom closet.

Naoya Sakamoto: *making brother laugh*

Girl: Awww...such brotherly love. <3

Naoya Sakamoto: *runs out of bathroom when bathing covered in suds* Kazuya take my picture.

Kazuya: O.O ... *takes picture*

Naoya Sakamoto: My eyes hurt...

Fan reading about it in blog entry: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
by Himi~chan February 17, 2010
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• Name: 坂本和弥
• Name (romaji): Sakamoto Kazuya

• Profession: Actor and singer

• Birthdate: 1983-Dec-10

• Birthplace: Fukuoka prefecture

• Height: 170cm

• Weight: 50kg

• Blood type: O

• Family: Older twin brother (Sakamoto Naoya)

• Band: ON/OFF (Debuted in 2007)

He often refers to himself as Kazuya mama when doing laundry. He often doesn't make sense when writing about his simple day in his blog entries. When introducing himself he notes when giving his name he is the younger brother. By fans he is refered to as "Kazuya" or "Kazu" for short. Kazuya is very quite compared to his brother but has a smile that kills sweetly. Also, Kazuya has a rubber duck he likes to bathe with. Overall, he is a Japanese hottie, what is there not to like?
Kazuya Sakamoto the twin who is easy to attack in a broom closet.

Senario 1:
Kazuya Sakamoto: umm...hi my name is Kazuya but you can call me Kazu-chan.

Girl: *faints from sound of his voice*

Kazuya Sakamoto: *takes Girl away*

Senario 2:
Kazuya Sakamoto: *walks by*

Girl1: OMG! It is Kazuya!

Girl2: Isn't he the ultimate adorable?!

Kazuya Sakamoto: *lays by a cat to take a picture with it*

Girls: O.O O.O
by Himi~chan February 17, 2010
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Japanese Singer, comedian and actor. Born 10th December, dead 12th August 1985.
Kyu is most famous for his song "ue wo muite arukou" or "Sukiyaki" from 1961. Today Kyu is unknown for many, but some still like his music both in Japan and the west.
His career began in the late 50s when he was lead singer in the band Paradise King, later he participated in many Japanese movies, and after that he began to sing on his own, some examples of songs are: Miagetegoran, Ashita ga arusa and Shiawasenara teo tatakou. This is just a few examples of the hundreds of songs he sang. Kyu died in the world’s biggest single aircraft accident, JAL Flight 123s ruder fell of and the plane spiralled down and crashed into mount Osutaka.
No one can sing like Kyu Sakamoto
Kyu Sakamoto is the Japanese Elvis
by Linus-san April 17, 2006
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Ryuji Sakamoto is a playable character from Persona 5. He is a student at Shujin Academy who lives a double life as a Phantom Thief.
Ryuji Sakamoto
(also known as)
Skull (Code Name)
Vulgar Boy
Blondie (by Morgana)
The Vulgar Ape (by Kamoshida)
Track Traitor (by his former teammates)
Sprintmaster Sakamoto (by his former teammates)
Ryuji-paisen (by Futaba)
by Bkapy June 13, 2019
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Kyu Sakamoto was a 60's Japanese popular singer.Is biggest hit was "Ue O Muite Aruko", which is currently being used in the latest 3G ad.
Q:Who was Kyu Sakamoto?
A:He was a Japanese singer.
by Stephen_F June 26, 2005
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