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City in southern Japan famous for Hakata ramen, outdoor food stalls, and a strong baseball team. Men in the region are traditionally considered to be conservative (Kyushu danji) and the women beautiful (hakata bijin).
I had some really great ramen at a yatai in Fukuoka!
by higan.banaxo January 01, 2012
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A baseball team that no one in the world outside of Fukuoka, Japan cares about.
Fukuoka is lame. The Yankees would taint punch you. Suck on that.
by Mavericklax4 March 27, 2007
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A a sleep that is more than 12 hours.
That flight from London to Sydney was so long I'm so tired....I'm ready for a Fukuoka.
by discoloo February 03, 2010
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