A Cat that will constantly yell at you to go to bed
Morgana, I don't want to go to bed I want to go eat a burger for my guts
by WobblesUrbanDictonary February 27, 2019
That one gay cat thing in persona 5, also referred to as ‘monster cat

He wants a spare something from that one thicc girl Ann
Joe: bro why are blushing?
Mike: Morgana *nuts*
by Open your door November 6, 2019
In german means - Death of the day.

Dark and mysterious with stunningly good looks. A darkangel. Highly creative in music and art. Siren voice that could seduce or destroy. The leader of the pack without assuming so, likes to stay in the background, but everyone knows who to ask for direction and ideas. Always conflicted within the light and the dark, walking the line between the two as easy as a tightrope walker.
by Grooverider13 February 4, 2010
she is the prettiest girl I know and if she had to would smack the shit outta someone. She will tell you the truth always no matter how hard it is to say. She's the best friend you could ever ask for. Also she is just the coolest girl around.
"Is that Morgana, Damn she's pretty"
by brebra December 10, 2016
1. This is an organism who will force you to go to sleep.

2. A cat that is full of itself
2.I think my cat is suffering from morgana
by El3ctrogay June 12, 2019
1) Origin: Morgan is Welsh; Morgana is French. Coming from "Morgan Le Fay" (translated to Morgan The Fairy), this is the name of a powerful enchantress from the Arthurian legends.
2) Meaning: from the shore of the sea; dweller of the sea; great-circle.
3) Girls who are named Morgana: are powerful, have strong personalities, full of passion and emotion, mysterious, brutally honest, mystic.
My name is Morgana, and I am a witch just like all of my ancestors before me!
by sheldon'sbrain November 6, 2020
A cat that my friend really likes.
Guy1: Dude, why do you like Morgana so much?
Guy2: Because like someone once said, "You should never judge someone before you get to know them."
Guy1: That is not related to the definition...
by Lightning McQueen_Gaming June 12, 2021