Kazu is a cool calm and collected person. Just by looks people love this guy.He's cool no matter what he does
Look at Kazu, he's so cool!
by Lyos the great December 25, 2017
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Kazu is a Goddes, treat her with respect.
The best offerings that one can give her are : Chicken nuggets, chocolate, candy or ice cream.


Seek the goddes and give it to her personally.
Today I shall give an offering to Kazu. I decided on giving her candy
by ZUKOSHONOUR October 01, 2018
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Asian kid with a shrimp dick who likes to abuse girls named Vera
Why is Kazu so gay?
by KazuIsgay February 02, 2018
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A stank ass human being usually of Hawaiian ethnicity, Kazu's can usually be found eating cat shit and drinking Lesbian throw up.
That's a real Kazu of a human being
by yungbigricky December 07, 2018
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Someone who’s just there for people. You find yourself talking to him and you don’t know why. His personality attracts people and his jokes keep them there. Approachable and kind but also very..... disturbing at times. Full of surprises but still there when you need them, Kazue is someone you want to be around.
“Man have you met Kazue? You’ll love him I promise
by NotJaidenIPromise October 16, 2019
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Skinny, apparently sick, but beautiful girl. Often japanese.
In reference of Kazu, of the New York band Blonde Redhead.
by Fromfrance December 09, 2007
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He is so fucking fine and his full name is Kazuya Matsumoto and he can rail meeee I’m a big fan with him even though he lives in Vegas 😭 and I’m in Australia found his on Instagram and he is so hot
Kazu is so hot
by KAZU IS DADDY September 10, 2020
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