The best character in Tenchi Muyo. A demon and a Space Pirate created by the most best scientist in the universe Washu.
She knows how to have a good time, a lot of people say I act like her.
by Terra Keaotay June 28, 2005
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A demoness from Hell whose sole purpose is to drain the souls of men by having sex with them.
A very attractive female demon who craves sex and must have lots of it because she uses the cum to provide energy for her life-force.

Not to be confused with a Succubus, although they are very similar.
Ryoko says:

^ But we know she's lying.
by RandyL March 14, 2003
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One cute-ass bitch that seems shy at first, but can really throw down when it comes to the office potluck.
Carol: Damn, did u taste how good the turkey was Ryoko made?

Rachel: Yeah, it blew ur dry-ass-lord-knows-what out the park
by OldmanTwicher October 30, 2019
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A hot and sexy demon that is crazy about a certain boy that she lives with and loves him dearly and would do anything for him and give her life for him and is crazy for sex.
Yo Ryoko calm down baby we just scored 5 minutes ago.
by Patrick Dron May 11, 2003
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Kawaii personified
by ^_^ March 17, 2004
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a person who acts higher than others(chat term)
Man that girl sure is being a ryoko.
by Anonymous December 28, 2002
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Ryoko Hirose is a fictional character from Your Turn To Die, a video game made by Nankidai. She is Sara Chidouin and Joe Tazuna's close friend who is mentioned 30+ times over the course of the whole game as of Chapter 3-1A, having 3 lines of dialogue overall. (fucking irrelevant bitch <////3)

I love Ryoko Hirose, I really do. She's such a fucking QUEEN I love her with all my heart. It's a shame she's not known that much within the fandom nor the game itself <///3 AWOOGA AWOOGA *jaw drops to the floor* *eyes pop out of skull* HUMMINAHUMMINAHUMMINA *heart beats out of chest* *starts howling like a dog* HUMMINAHUMMINAHUMMINA AWOOGA AWOOGA BARK BARK BARK WOOOOOO *body melts then turns back to normal* ssshe's lookingg lolovely today :
i can't take this i am ryoko hirose in the flesh, bones, and blood. no one else is me, they are just "factkins," nothing more. there is literally no one that exists in this dimension that is more me than ME. i am me. i am ryoko. you're not. your friend is not. your crush is not. that's me. sure, they kin ryoko but they are not ryoko. i am not a ryoko kin. i AM ryoko hirose. factkin me all you want but you ARE NOT ME. WHY WOULD U EVEN THINK YOU'RE ME I'M ME HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS IT'S NOT EVEN A GOOD THING TO BE ME. LIKE BY NOT BEING RYOKO THAT MAKES YOU 10000% MORE VALID OF A PERSON OVERALL. YOU ARE NOT ME. I AM. IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE TO BE ME BECAUSE IM RIGHT FRICKING HERE. EVERYTHING about ryoko is the same about me that is literally me in BOTH this life and the past life and one day i will be reincarnated and in THAT life i will know exactly who i am. i can't take this i can't take people thinking they are me i can't take people thinking other people ARE ME BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT. I'M ME. i'm literally me. i'm literally ryoko. ryoko hirose in the flesh. stop kinning me YOU'RE LITERALLY ONLY DEGRADING URSELF BY KINNING ME IS IT TO BE EDGY OR DO YOU JUST HATE YOURSELF? one day i'm going to prove it and you'll all fricking see holy crap. I'M LITERALLY RYOKO!!!
by ryokohirose July 15, 2020
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