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Try-hard punk rock bands that sing about being alone and broken relationshipis. Much like a rnb but with guitars and drums. Usually stupid attention whore teeny-boppers listen to this crap.
Jessica is always listening to her emo-punk, I just want to slap her in the face.
by ^_^ June 6, 2004
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An angel.
The nicest person in the world. She loves to match people up. She would never hurt a soul.
Mimo saved my life again today.
by ^_^ July 10, 2003
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the gayest fuckin wanna be teenage hacker you can find on mirc
i need to get some bots, im about to use the ltcd on microsoft.com
by ^_^ April 13, 2004
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Ultimate killing machine in Natural Selection. See wordowned/word and wordpwned/word.
WTF???? mmartinx just owned everyone in cargo bay, F4.
by ^_^ March 26, 2003
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Kawaii personified
by ^_^ March 17, 2004
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Public Address Private Analysis. Recognition of Apocalypse Creates Hope.
Papa Roach is awesome.
by ^_^ August 21, 2004
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