rylen is an amazing pretty girl that has lots of friends. despite her very unique name she is one of the best and most popular. she always has tons of boys chasing after her but can’t seem to find the right one. all of rylens friends love her to the moon and back and she is always ready to make new friends. even though rylen usually has a big bright smile on her face she always has something bothering her if it’s a friend,school,a boy whatever . everyone loves rylen and wants to be her friend. rylen has almost everything she needs in life except maybe that best friend and the best boyfriend.
girl 1: “do you know rylen
girl 2: “omg yes!! she is the best!!”

boy 1: “ugh rylen is so hot”
boy 2: “i know i wish she was mine”
boy 3: “i just want to be the perfect guy for her”
by 123apple456banana May 20, 2018
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