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A strong and powerful leader, usualy used as a surname. A strong name.
Ryker has a strong and powerful personality.
by Brittany46 February 04, 2010
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Ryker is usually a first name. It means a strong leader. It is easy for you to make friends. Usually a boys name. A hot guy that is funny but quiet at the same time. Very loving and compassionate in relationships. Has a big dick( 9-12 in) NOT GAY. Loves to eat vaginas and give girls orgasms.
Ryker is such a nice guy
by Anonymous38575357 February 28, 2012
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Smart, very talented in the arts tends to be vulnerable and funny usually attracted to Talias rykers are quite unusual
he is so interesting he must be a ryker
by Kyrxer May 10, 2012
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A good guy with sweet intentions, tends to be a player most of the time can't even get straight who he's actually dating and who his exes are, he's funny and sweet and if you talk, he'll talk. Ryker is a nice guy with amazing eyes and hair, with a imperfectly perfect smile. Ryker is an uncommon name, if you meet a ryker, don't let him go because they're one in a million and definitely really special.
i just can't explain how much he's made my life better, thank god ryker walked into my life.
by Justagirl... November 27, 2017
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To hit the tape and fail to get the ball over the net in volleyball.
We could have got a point if she didn't Ryker it.
by scheckeer November 12, 2014
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A super funny guy with the locks and personality of a god. Probably the best person you will ever know.
"I met Ryker yesterday,"
"Yo. That guy is GODLIKE."
by HolySmokesmaaan August 26, 2016
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a very large white gay meaty cock named after the GOD of gay porn Ken Ryker(Kenneth). he has a dildo and many videos named after him. he is a good 18 inches on a bad day. calling someone a ryker is a sign of respect and admiration.
OMG... cory since when did u get a ryker? can i touch it?
by bob nik December 05, 2007
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