any ruu is an amazing person. they go through a lot in life, and they are strong people and try their best to push through those tough times. ruu's need a lot of love because they may haven't been given much, but they give a lot of love themselves. ruu's are extremely funny; they will never leave you without making you laugh, whether it's intentional or not. ruu's are also extremely beautiful. they're beautiful inside and out. their personality shines beautifully, unlike any other person you've come across, so be grateful if you get to befriend a ruu because they're amazing friends. they'll be there for you always, and they'll comfort you and show and give you just as much love as you need. don't take their friendship or presence for granted because they're one-of-a-kind and unique, just like their name. once you have a ruu in your life, you'll never want them to leave.

ruu's are the best people you'll ever meet.
"i've never believed in love at first sight until i met a ruu."

"that ruu i just met was amazing!"

"i love ruu!"
by randomanonperson July 17, 2021
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A man known for being very good looking
Joey is a total Ruu
by AndyCFC April 12, 2021
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An acronym for:
Really Ugly Unacceptable Sags.
Commonly refered to as Greg.
Wow, he's sure got some RUUS on him.
by sags007 September 22, 2009
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another beautiful Japanese AV (porno) star, second to Ryoko Mitake. very cute face but sometimes looks meaty in pictures.
I would give anything to fuck Ruu Hoshino.
by ryoko mitake August 27, 2003
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Pulling a Ruu

When someone does something absolutely shitty to you and/or the people around you. It can also often mean that said person is attempting to gain pity points and act like a complete victim when they, in fact, are the whole reason drama started in the first place.
Person 1: "I hate it when Gabby keeps whining about how it's our fault her dad hates her so much."
Person 2: "Yeah, she needs to stop pulling a Ruu."
by utopianwillow August 25, 2018
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Lil Ruu is a nigga from the Bay Area. Keeps it 100 and ain't scared of nothing. He down for this squad.
That boy Lil Ruu out saved the squad.
by Suckafree510 September 16, 2015
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