adj. Used in place of "fucking" on TV's Firefly.
"Fox was really rutting stupid to cancel Firefly, wasn't it?"
by Alecx Hunter July 26, 2005
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<to rut> To miss very much one's true betrothed when out with friends celebrating forthcoming nuptials.
"Two stags preparing for a good rutting" might mean "Two young gentlemen will very much be missing their girlfriends while on this unavoidable excursion"
by Odin The Odious June 21, 2014
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fucking a fat girl or guy (especially up the ass) and doing it roughly.
Was rutting with your mum last night.

Wanna get rutting with that milf!
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
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Rutting: Wanting something a lot (usually drugs).
"Mate, please lend me a spliff, I'm absolutely rutting!"
by GanjaMan1 May 13, 2018
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The name given to the person in a group who consistently says and does stupid things.
Bubs was definitely the Rut of the group
by Filth Merch December 18, 2010
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An uncomfortable situation or place, of which there is no easy way out.
I hate this job, but I just can't find another one. I'm stuck in a rut.
by Dr V May 8, 2008
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