Is a Gorgeous, Smart, Unique, Strong-willed Woman.
She may have the name of an elderly woman but this gal is definitely one fine sexy piece of ass.

No one can ever get her name right on the first try.
Greatest friend known to man. Will always be there no matter what.

Watch out though, she can get feisty at times so stay out of her way.
Also, a tigress in the bedroom.
Billy: Hey there hot stuff, what are you up to tonight?

Ruthann: Uhh Excuse me?! No thanks.


Carl: Hi I'm Carl! What's your name?
Ruthann: Ruthann. .

Carl: Roxanne?
Ruthann: No, Ruthann
Carl: Rothann?
Ruthann: Yes
by Tracey Dawson January 20, 2012
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A sweet-fun loving beautiful girl. When she gets into a realtionship she doesnt kid. Shes funny and fun to be around. Everyone loves her and she listens to problems. A guy for her either has all or nothing. She loves to be on stage and can be sporty at times. She is always talking and has something to talk about. Most Ruthanne's have a temper so dont fool with her.
Examples of middle names with Ruthanne... Ruthanne Marie, Ruthanne Lynn, Ruthanne Elizabeth, Ruthanne Anne
by Dancerrmm October 31, 2010
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She deserves the world but sadly I can’t give that to her, yet she still loves me. A man can get lost in those beautiful sparkly grey green blue eyes. She has no problem showing her emotions unlike most girls, which makes it easy to understand her. She can take a man and turn his life around for the better. She will do nothing but care for u and love you even if she wants to strangle you at times. She’s not just caring but also very passionate. Even tho boys drop like flys for her she loves you, only you, and will make sure you know that.
Guy: Damn wanna go out Ruthanne?
Ruthanne: Nah sorry my bf Stephen is hotter than u loser
by GreenHoodie October 25, 2020
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Ignacio and I were supposed to go to the ballgame this weekend, but he's pulling a Ruthann. He sucks.
by Georglie April 28, 2016
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