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Is a Gorgeous, Smart, Unique, Strong-willed Woman.
She may have the name of an elderly woman but this gal is definitely one fine sexy piece of ass.

No one can ever get her name right on the first try.
Greatest friend known to man. Will always be there no matter what.

Watch out though, she can get feisty at times so stay out of her way.
Also, a tigress in the bedroom.
Billy: Hey there hot stuff, what are you up to tonight?

Ruthann: Uhh Excuse me?! No thanks.


Carl: Hi I'm Carl! What's your name?
Ruthann: Ruthann. .

Carl: Roxanne?
Ruthann: No, Ruthann
Carl: Rothann?
Ruthann: Yes
by Tracey Dawson January 20, 2012
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A code name that homosexuals use for a rest area where gay men and closeted straight men have sex.. They are along the highways.
Girl, what took you so long to get here.. You were right behind us on the highway.. Sorry Mary, I stopped at the Ruth Ann on mile marker 34.. There was a hot trucker that I sucked off!!!
Idaho Senator Larry Craig should of went to a Ruth Ann along the highways instead of crusing for sex in a busy airport bathroom!!
by chicagotroublemaker September 13, 2007
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