The scent of cannabis that emits and is detected through clothing or by recent use.
I smell someone rustling in here.
This weed is rustling though my pocket.
by LuckyBilly February 7, 2022
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A word used for when someone reacts angrily to a previous statement or action.
Wow, Stevie & Jord have Joe rustled
by rustleking October 25, 2015
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When someone bites after being baited.
Wow Joe's rustled
by rustleking October 25, 2015
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(On twitter)

A tweet intended to annoy/aggravate others.
Rustler: George Bush is the greatest President the USA has ever seen.
Rustlee: what are you talking about he was the biggest idiot ever

Rustler: easy rustle.

rustled rustler virgin nonce
by whaddyacallit October 8, 2015
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To get really mad at something or someone and begin to sigh and speak louder or not at all, if continuing to become more rustled , the person will begin to shout and take out his anger on friends and family
rustle anger anger more anger
by Malous.panda October 3, 2013
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A wind up. To rustle is to try and get under someone's skin. You're intention is to be a rustler and not a rustlee.
Harvey rustled James by telling him that his mother sleeps around.

Remember when Adam got friendzoned, what a rustle!
by ADz66 November 13, 2017
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To disturb someone by presenting them with facts/arguments that cause cognitive dissonance and challenge their views.
You know why people start arguments on the internet? Rustled jimmies man.
by CutFromAbove July 24, 2012
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