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(Verb) Similar yet not to be confused with the act of jumping, rushies involves a group of people who assault an individual or smaller group with the intent of inflicting as much damage as quickly as possible, in order to disorientate their victim(s). Once the victim(s) has been immobilized, their property is usually looted by the perpetrators. This includes but is not limited to items such as cell phones, wallets, money, ipods, clothing, etc. The main difference between rushing and jumping someone is the goal of acquiring the victim's property.
Friend 1: Yo dude what did you get up to last night after the party?
Friend 2: I went and did some rushies with a few friends.
Friend 1: Wow man, what happened?
Friend 2: We found this drunk guy walking home alone. We rushed him and took his wallet and phone.
by young dek April 21, 2011
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An obsessed fangirl of the actor Geoffrey Rush- a younger girl who is in love with him and finds him sexually attractive, but also admires him for his talent as an actor. Basically, an all round Rush fanatic!
I'm another obsessed Rushy!
by RushysGirl August 31, 2006
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A road/place with heavy traffic or people jostling one another.
A street or road that is rushy would be with lots of vehicles moving fast. A rushy place could also be one with lots of people, a crowded place
by Deepi333 April 19, 2009
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Someone who feels the need to get something before he or she actually needs to due to being impatient but will deny the fact.
Eg. Geoff is 15 and decides to get a tattoo when he should wait till he is 18, but due to being Rushy and selfish he decides against this and gets the tattoo.
by TruthTeller654 May 26, 2012
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The high you experience when you are under the influence of mdma and hav smoked marijuana.
Harvey: Hey man, I’m so high.
Henry: Me too man, I’ve got the rushies..
by Seshgremlin10101 June 10, 2018
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