Someone who supports the mandates of their commander, American radio host and conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh, a well known member of the radical right wing.
That guy who just took a Hillary Clinton ballot is a Rushie. Registered Republicans are rushing to the polls today like lemmings.
by BeachSaint May 19, 2008
(Verb) Similar yet not to be confused with the act of jumping, rushies involves a group of people who assault an individual or smaller group with the intent of inflicting as much damage as quickly as possible, in order to disorientate their victim(s). Once the victim(s) has been immobilized, their property is usually looted by the perpetrators. This includes but is not limited to items such as cell phones, wallets, money, ipods, clothing, etc. The main difference between rushing and jumping someone is the goal of acquiring the victim's property.
Friend 1: Yo dude what did you get up to last night after the party?
Friend 2: I went and did some rushies with a few friends.
Friend 1: Wow man, what happened?
Friend 2: We found this drunk guy walking home alone. We rushed him and took his wallet and phone.
by young dek April 21, 2011
When rushing, and taking a series of small risks in order to save time, failing miserably at a simple task, and taking more time that one would behaving in an unrushed manner. The girl stalked by the killer in a thriller movie, when she drops her keys to her car, as she desperately tries to find safety... is having a rushie.
"Hurry up! I wanna bonk!", "Sorry, I'm having a rushie, I've been trying to put the rubber on upside-down"

by youdbesoluckytoknowme November 1, 2006
An obsessed fangirl of the actor Geoffrey Rush- a younger girl who is in love with him and finds him sexually attractive, but also admires him for his talent as an actor. Basically, an all round Rush fanatic!
I'm another obsessed Rushy!
by RushysGirl August 31, 2006
An awesome guy who you know always has your back. Everyone likes him. Anyone with this name is extremely well rounded, accomplished, wise and knows where he is going in life. Luckily for the ENTIRE WORLD!!! He is also extremely good looking. It is impossible to stop staring at him. He is easy to be around and you never want to say goodbye. While he has a great personality and Bangin goodlooks, he is also extremely intelligent and motivated. All in all, Rushis are uncommon but if u get the chance to befriend one, you should never let that go.
Rushi, please stay friends with me!
by Therealdeal2022 November 24, 2021
A good boyfriend respects his girlfriend. He surprises her with flowers. He always asks her how her day was. He's never too jealous (just a little bit, so she knows he values her).He communicates all the time.
She is lucky to have Rushi as her boyfriend
by Yourrr otherr halfff November 23, 2021
The high you experience when you are under the influence of mdma and hav smoked marijuana.
Harvey: Hey man, I’m so high.
Henry: Me too man, I’ve got the rushies..
by Seshgremlin10101 May 28, 2018